Benefits and Limitations of AMZ Review Trader For Amazon Sellers


Being an Amazon seller, you might know that getting positive reviews is exceptionally critical to make your FBA business successful. Good feedback from customers not only encourages visitors to buy your products but also helps you in improving your online ranking and making your products more visible. But receiving positive reviews for a brand new item is not that easy. This is where AMZ review trader websites come into the picture.

If you’re selling on Amazon, you must have heard of “Amazon Review Trader Websites.” But, do you know what they are and how can they boost your conversion rate? Well, in this post, you will come to know everything about AMZ review trader sites. So, let’s get started.

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What Do You Mean by AMZ Review Trader Websites?

AMZ review trader websites are online platforms that connect sellers with people who love to purchase brand new items at a considerable discount. In a nutshell, Amazon review trader sites offer a decent service for both sellers and buyers. As a seller, these websites allow you to offer super discounts on your products, and in return, your customers leave honest reviews.

All you have to do is – apply to upload your product listings on their platform. Once you get an approval, you have to wait for a ‘purchase request’ from a customer. Now, it is up to you to either approve or decline the request. If you accept the purchase request, the customer is then needed to leave reviews on your products after the delivery.

In short, for sellers, AMZ review trader sites are an excellent method to get people to try the items you’re offering and receive product reviews.      

How Do Amazon Review Trader Websites Work?

There are several Amazon review sites available on the internet. Before we know about them, let’s discuss how they work. The idea behind AMZ review sites is simple:

   ● It lists products on its websites but for a lower rate than what its actual price is. Sometimes, products can be listed for “free” as well.

   ● If the websites list your products for a much lower rate or for free, then they give you reviews in return.

   ● It provides an excellent platform for sellers, especially when they launch a new product, to expand its reach and get the right amount of reviews.

   ● To begin with any review trader website, you have to apply to set up an account and complete the registration procedure to have the items listed on their sites.

   ● Once your application is approved, you will receive some purchase requests from people who are interested in your items.

There are some websites which approve the purchase requests automatically, whereas some require the sellers to accept or reject the purchase requests.

The Best Amazon Review Sites 

There are many best Amazon review sites that you can use to post your products, get reviews, and boost the traffic of your items on Amazon. Here are some best-rated review sites that you can consider for selling your products:

● Vipon (formerly known as Amazon Review Trader)

● Jump Send


● Snagshout

● Home Product Testing

● Giveaway Nation    

● VIP Power Club

● ETEK City

● Elite Deal Club 

● Deal Go! Go! Go! 

● Feedback Express and others    

These are some of the review trader sites, and you may choose any of them to post your products and receive reviews.

Benefits & Limitations of Amazon Review Trader Sites for Sellers 

All sellers on Amazon become an active and vital part of different review clubs because of their incredible advantages. Being a seller, you may leverage various review sites to attract more and more visitors and improve the traffic, especially on your product listings. When your traffic increases, the possibilities of getting more potential clients also increases.

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Pros of using Amazon review trader sites:

   ● Help you in launching new products and getting traction immediately

   ● Promote your product listings among thousands of buyers

   ● Boost the ranking of your products on Amazon against competitors      

   ● Buyers are more likely to leave good feedback for discounted products

   ● Increased reviews help in building trust in a seller

   ● Improve the visibility of your products

   ● Improve traffic of your Amazon products

   ● Skyrocket your regular sales rate

   ● Improve sales velocity

   ● Help you in receiving genuine reviews on your products

Cons of using Amazon review trader sites:      

Like anything else, Amazon review trader sites like Vipon also come with several drawbacks, and here are some of them:

   ● There is no profit margin at all as the prices of your product are low

   ● Competitors are free to leave fake and negative reviews on your products

   ● There is no guarantee that feedback will be positive

   ● You may receive a higher volume of negative reviews

These are some limitations of Amazon review trader sites. On the whole, positive reviews you are going to receive through these websites can surely outweigh the negative ones. All in all, if you have confidence in your product quality and customer service, review trader sites are an ideal way to get more and more positive reviews on your products and improve your sales rate.

The Bottom Line  

Receiving good Amazon reviews is incredible and can leave you walking on air, but getting client feedback in a natural way is a daunting and time-consuming task, especially for new sellers. This is where AMZ review trader websites can help you out. They help you in receiving more and more reviews on your products without spending much time. Also, with AMZ review sites, you may move your product listings faster and make money sooner.

Besides, the essential point is that – this process is 100% legitimate, as long as the site is compliant with the review policies of Amazon. Hence, you may start taking advantage of trader sites to become a successful seller on Amazon.   

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