How To Get More Amazon Product Reviews Using Email Automation?


Guest Article by Feedbackwhiz

Want to get more product reviews? Here's why you should focus on Email Automation

With the rise of online shopping, the retail landscape has changed dramatically. However, customer service is as vital today as it has always been. Sellers may no longer be interacting with their buyers face to face, it is still important to reach out and engage with them in a friendly and supportive way by using email automation.


Amazon product reviews are how buyers recommend your products to other people and if you structure your email sequence properly, you can increase the number of reviews you get.


Emails and product reviews

Amazon has strict rules and guidelines on how a seller can communicate with buyers. Any and all communication must relate to an item that is being sold and it cannot promote other products or offer incentives in exchange for a product review.


That said, an automated email sequence is still a crucial marketing tool, particularly for sellers looking to get more Amazon product reviews.


Product reviews are an integral part of a seller's success on the Amazon platform. Products with plenty of reviews, with a high star rating, will appear higher in Amazon search results and are therefore more likely to result in a sale.


Unfortunately, most buyers, even if they are thrilled with a product, are unlikely to leave a review. This is where an email campaign can come in to play.


How email automation helps

There are many reasons people won't leave a product review. To be honest, most will not even think about it. Others may mean to but will forget. We all lead busy lives and it's easy to understand how product reviews are overlooked. But, a simple email may be enough to prompt a buyer into action.


Email automation allows you to schedule a series of emails to go out to customers after they have made a purchase. Sellers may differ in how many emails they send, and when they send them, but generally speaking, 3 emails should be enough. Here's some idea of how they might look:


1. Order and shipping confirmation: This is an important email for a number of reasons. It reassures the buyer that you have received their order and that their purchase is on its way. You should include a tracking link if you have one so the customer can follow the delivery.

2. Purchase follow up: Once a buyer has had time to use and experience the product, you will want to encourage them to leave a product review. You can time this email anywhere from a few days to a week after delivery. The length of time you choose will depend on the type of product you are selling. Some items require time to take effect or leave an impression. This email is a check in to make sure that everything is okay. Include customer service contact links in case there is an issue and remind them that a product review would be helpful to you and allow you to improve your products and services. Remember, you cannot outright ask for a positive review. Instead, say something like: 

"we rely on reviews from people like you to help us improve our offering. Please take a couple of minutes to tell us how we did.”   

Don't forget to include links to your review page to make things easier for the buyer.

3. After sales email: This email can be sent a while after the person has received your product. Again, you are checking in to make sure that everything is okay. This is a good time to include extras. If you're selling kitchen supplies, maybe include a recipe book, for example. This email should also include review links once more. Open rates decline after the third email so this is your final opportunity to ask for a product review.


With a tool like FeedbackWhiz, you can automate these emails to fit whatever schedule you want. FeedbackWhiz also allows you to run metrics on open rates for campaigns and individual products. It even allows you to A/B test subject lines to see which ones work best.


Content and design


When designing your email template, you should tailor your content and design to work in a way that maximizes the probability of a buyer leaving a product review.


Keep the content friendly, simple and to the point. It can be tempting to overload people with information about how this product can change their lives, but most of that will fall on deaf ears.


You only have a short amount of time in which to get your message across so you can't waste time on details. Be clear in your message about what you want them to do (in this case leave a product review).


FeedbackWhiz has a wide range of templates to get you started but you are still in control of details like the color scheme.


Colors are underestimated as a marketing tool by most people. But, color can have a significant influence on human behavior. Although we may not notice it, colors are being used to make us buy things every single day.


Here's how a few of them work.


 Red: This is an active and aggressive color and is most commonly linked with the urge to buy. You might use this color for your call to action.

 Yellow: The first color seen by the eye, yellow is a great way to grab the attention.

 Green: A very passive color, green is commonly associated with nature and relaxation. If you are looking for a clear and definitive action, you might not want to use this color.

 Orange: A bright, stark and irritating color. Some people like orange, others hate it. But one thing is certain, it always catches the eye. Orange is a popular choice for direct marketing.


Choosing the best option for you


Ultimately, there is no definitive way to use email automation to encourage more Amazon product reviews. What we've described here are a few strategies which have been shown to work. Different approaches may work for different people, so trial and error may be required to find the approach that generates the most reviews. But with these recommendations, it is easy to get started and using a tool like FeedbackWhiz, you can schedule these emails to your liking and collect all the data you need to make it an even more effective endeavor.  



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