Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts: Understanding its Pros and Cons


Creating and managing multiple Amazon seller accounts can be a sensible next step for all those sellers who are already doing well. With endless retail opportunities available to explore, creating a second seller account on Amazon could possibly double your monthly income.

But, the question is – is it possible to have multiple Amazon seller accounts? Does Amazon allow it? If you want answers to these questions, continue reading the post.

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Here, you will come to know how sellers can open an operate multiple seller accounts and how you can handle more than one Amazon seller accounts within the Terms of Service of Amazon. So let’s get started.

Can You Have More Than One Amazon Seller Account?

To be clear, Amazon prohibits operating more than one account without their permission. If you visit the Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions page of Amazon, you will see a quote:

“Operating and maintaining multiple Seller Central accounts is prohibited.”

So it’s a straightforward no. Right? Well not exactly as there is one more statement that says:

“If you have a legitimate business need for a second account, you can apply for an exception to this policy.”

That means you can have multiple seller accounts. All you need is a permit from Amazon to access multiple seller accounts simultaneously.

If you’re looking to operate more than one account, note down that Amazon is really good at discovering multiple accounts of a single seller as they can track IPs very quickly. Once they identify this, they will contact you and ask for documentation to verify their granted permission. In short, you can not have multiple seller accounts without Amazon approval.

How to Open a Second Amazon Seller Account

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If you’re planning to open a second seller account on Amazon, it’s not a bad idea. Here are the steps you need to follow to have another Amazon seller account:

     ● Send a request to Amazon asking to build another seller account

     ● Legitimize or explain the need to create another account

     ● Wait for the approval on your request

If Amazon grants your request and permits you to have a second seller account, they will ask you for the following details:

     ● A separate email address

     ● A different bank account with a unique email

     ● Separate credit card details

Amazon does not need a separate personal entity or distinct business details. Also, your performance metrics should be in good standing.

On the other hand, if Amazon Seller Central rejects your second account request, it is suggested to try every month until you receive an approval. If you get permission, then it will be your golden ticket.

The Benefits and Limitations of Having Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

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Every Amazon seller who is thinking of creating another seller account must consider the benefits and limitations of taking this step. Though there is no in-depth research on the pros and cons of having more than one seller account on Amazon, here is what we found.

Pros of Having Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

Operating multiple Amazon seller accounts is a great idea. But it is only for those who have been using this platform for a long time and are thriving. The reason is that experienced sellers will have more experience and resources. These two factors are critical if you want to undertake the task of optimizing another seller account. Here are some reasons you can consider to open another account:

   ● Diversify Your Online Business

Diversifying your business can be an excellent move if planned wisely. However, it also involves some risks. Therefore, if you’re looking to expand your online business, you must open a second account. You can also combine other services and products to boost your sales.

   ● Increase Monthly Income & Revenue

If you’re making good profits from your business currently, operating another seller account could be the next best decision. It can help you in making even more money every month.

   ● Expand Your Business

Having another seller account can be an ideal deal of expanding your business across the Amazon marketplace. Expansion of your business on a broad scale can result in more profits. Growing your online business is like creating a new brand for your current business and planning for something big.

Cons of Having Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

The idea of operating multiple seller accounts might seem like a good idea at first glance. But like everything else, it also includes some limitations, such as:

   ● More Time to Optimize All Accounts

Optimizing one Amazon seller account requires a considerable amount of time and effort. Having one more account means you need to double your time and efforts to achieve good results. You may also encounter several issues like investing more effort on one account compared to another. But, remember that there’s no room for success without making needed efforts.

   ● Risk of Accounts Suspension

As mentioned, it is illegal to operate multiple accounts on Amazon without approval. You need to meet specific requirements to get a permit from Amazon to have another account. Because of this reason, many sellers opt to build another account without the detection of Amazon. But do not forget that this is a risky move. If Amazon discovers it, you have to face account suspension. And this can be a significant loss, especially if you’re making a good profit already.

   ● Chances of Facing Losses

Most sellers make this mistake that they only consider the profits of operating more than one account and forget about losses. But it is recommended not to do so, you should think of negative points associated with it. Loss can occur from different factors, such as lack of time to manage multiple accounts. Therefore, consider all these points.


Though operating multiple Amazon seller accounts could increase your business ROI, it can also swallow all your time. Remember that managing one seller account on Amazon is almost like a full-time job, so what about managing multiple accounts?

All in all, you need to make a proper plan if you’re thinking of creating a second Amazon seller account. Hopefully, this post will give you some insight into how you can create another account successfully and make a profit out of it.

Besides, do not forget to make use of relevant tools which are specially designed for Amazon sellers. They can help you in optimizing multiple seller accounts by making things more comfortable, such as keyword research, product scout, and more. For more details, give it a try.

So do you have more than one Amazon seller account? If yes, do you find it beneficial for your business? Please share your experience with us and our audience. 

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