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Market Insight

- Keep a sharp eye on market trend

You no longer need to do all kinds of market researches on your own. Whether measuring FBA revenue, studying buying patterns or building pricing strategies, let us collect data and do the analysis.All you need is 30s with SellerMotor Market Insight!


Product Scout

- Spot your next winner product

The trend changes fast, you never know who will be the next Best Seller. BUT WE DO. With SellerMotor Product Scout, you can access our Amazon database with over 500 million product data in seconds. Just select categories, price, sales volume or apply other 15 custom filters, you will effortlessly find a profitable product.



- Automate your Amazon Sponsored Ads

You don’t have time to waste. So let us worry about the time-consuming Sponsored Ads. Just set your budget and goal and leave the rest to SellerMotor SmartPPC -- Ad automation made easy!


ASIN Lookup

- Spy on your competitors

The easiest way to find the right selling strategies is to spy on your competitors. Enter an ASIN and let us do the “dirty work”. SellerMotor ASIN Lookup gives you the upper hand in listing optimization by monitoring your competitor's keywords, traffic, listing, price, reviews, etc.

Any Questions?

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  • How does SellerMotor help me find potentially successful products to sell on Amazon?

    SellerMotor Product Analytics is an hourly refreshed database with over 500M active product data and 30B keyword data. You can filter these data with criteria such as sub-category, profit margin, recent rank change, recent sales volume and review ratio to identify trending product opportunities that suits your business. For more details refer to this link for a step by step video walk through.

  • How does SellerMotor's SmartPPC help my with Sponsored Products?

    SellerMotor's SmartPPC is a fully automated software that manages your Amazon advertising from A-Z. Its features include the followings: 1.product and competitive research 2.long term advertising strategy 3.campaign structure creation 4.initial keyword sorting and ongoing keyword optimization on a daily basis 5.bidding optimization up to every hour 6.optimize and balance your overall budget for each campaign on a daily basis 7.performance reporting and visualization.

  • Does SellerMotor offer a free trial?

    Yes! We offer a 10-day free trial whenever you sign up. You can extend your feature for 14 days when you try our Market Insight feature during your trial and for another 7 days when you try our SmartPPC during your trial.

  • Is my data secure with SellerMotor?

    Absolutely. At SellerMotor we apply the highest standard in technology and legal terms to protect your data. We encrypt and de-personalize your data throughout our internal process and store them on Amazon AWS. You can review our Privacy Policy here.

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