Growth Hacking for Your Amazon Business, 0 to 100

About us

SellerMotor is a software suite to maximize the growth of your Amazon business. Founded by former top 1% sellers and world renowned data scientists, we understand all your pain points as a seller and provide a platform to solve them programmatically.

Who we are

SellerMotor is founded in Los Angeles, California by a passionate team of data scientists, AI experts and marketing pioneers.

What we do

SellerMotor facilitates your growth from 0 to 1 with actionable product/market insights and accelerates your growth from 1 to 100 with fully automated campaigns on Amazon Sponsord Ads and Facebook Ads ecosystem maximizing results.


Amazon Service Provider Network

In 2018, SellerMotor is officially listed on Amazon Service Provider Network as a top provider for ad optimization technology.

Amazon App Store

In 2019, SellerMotor was listed on Amazon Seller Central Appstore

Our Mission

Empower global e-commerce with AI

At SellerMotor,we truly believe that globalization is the future of business while E-commerce is the backbone of globalization. Our ongoing mission is to drive the success of E-commerce sellers by equipping them with AI data analysis, marketing automation tools and tailored solutions.

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