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  • What is SellerMotor and how can it help me make more sale on Amazon?

    SellerMotor is a cloud based software designed to help Amazon sellers & vendors grow their E-commerce business from 0 to 100. SellerMotor has 3 main modules: 1.Product analytics : an hourly refreshed database with over 500M active product data and 30B keyword data where you can customize, analyze and export the dataset to find your next business opportunity on Amazon. 2.Market research : A set of in-depth report generated on demand analyzing the size, opportunity, competition, risk and best practices for any market segment on Amazon. 3.A.I. Account Manager : Our proprietary A.I. assistant optimizing key components of your Amazon business such as Sponsored Ads(PPC), search terms, listings and even social media traffic. Each module has several different features tailored to your need to growthhack your Amazon business and our R&D team works day and night to improve existing features and release new features every week.

    Do I need to download or install any software to use SellerMotor?

    No. SellerMotor is entirely web based and you can use it directly through your web browser from anywhere.

    What devices or browsers are supported?

    SellerMotor is supported on major desktop browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. However because of SellerMotor's Chrome extension, we recommend using Chrome for the best user experience.

    How do I apply a discount coupon?

    SellerMotor releases promotion codes from time to time through various campaigns. To take advantage of these discounts, enter your promo code in the subscription page and your discount or free subscription period will be automatically applied to your account.

    Can I request a new feature for SellerMotor

    Of course! At SellerMotor we love to hear from you. Feel free to let us know your thoughts about new features or improvements to existing features through our contact form or our support email

    How can I get support from SellerMotor?

    As we currently don't offer phone support, you can submit requests, questions, bug reports through our contact form or via email to

    What's your customer support number?

    As we currently don't offer phone support, you can submit requests, questions, bug reports through our contact form or via email to

    Is there a limit on usage of SellerMotor's features?

    Yes. Depending on your subscription plan you will have different limits on each feature. See details Here

    I want to learn how to use the tools. Does SellerMotor offer any tutorials?

    Yes! SellerMotor offers tutorial videos on how to use its features in demo page. We also offers notes and tutorials in the web app next to each feature. If you still find any of the features confusing or hard to use after watching the demo, feel free to let us know and we will make improvements accordingly.

    What Amazon marketplaces does SellerMotor support?

    Currently SellerMotor supports 12 Amazon marketplaces: US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia, India, UAE and Brazil. Please note that the Amazon Advertising API isn't available for Australia, and as a result Australia isn't supported in SellerMotor's SmartPPC(Sponsored ad/PPC automation).

  • How much does SellerMotor cost?

    SellerMotor offers its software suite in 3 versions: Free, Essential and Professional. Please see details here

    Which of SellerMotor's subscription plan is right for me?

    SellerMotor offers its software suite in 3 versions: Free, Essential and Professional, each with different levels of access to features and marketplaces. Please see details here. If you're selling on Amazon as a side job in only 1 marketplace, the Essential plan or even the Free plan might be enough for you; If you sell on Amazon with a team of employees or on multiple marketplaces, definitely go with the Professional plan.

    How do I update my payment card?

    After signing into SellerMotor, click on your user name on the top-right corner and enter user center, where you can view and update your payment method on the bottom left corner

    I don't need all the features. Can I purchase some SellerMotor features a la carte or stand-alone?

    Unfortunately we don't offer a la carte or stand-alone options. All features are included in all subscription plans at this moment. However, as a client centric company, we closely watch our client's requests and usage. As a result, we might offer more flexible plans in the future.

    How do I view and download my invoice?

    After signing into SellerMotor, click on your user name on the top-right corner and enter user center, where you can view and download your invoices in the "invoices" section.

    Is SellerMotor a monthly or annual subscription?

    SellerMotor offers both monthly and annual subscription. We recommend choosing the annual subscription because it offers more feature usage at a lower rate.

    Can I suspend my subscription or place it on vacation?

    Not yet, but the account suspension feature is on our to-do list.

    Can I cancel my SellerMotor subscription at any time?

    You can cancel at any time by downgrading to the FREE plan, and you won't be charged for the next billing cycle.(1 month or 12 months). Meanwhile, your privileges will remain unchanged until the end of your current billing cycle.

    Does SellerMotor offer a free trial?

    Yes! We offer a 10-day free trial whenever you sign up. You can extend your feature for 14 days when you try our Market Insight feature during your trial and for another 7 days when you try our SmartPPC during your trial.

    What happens when my free trial ends?

    If you choose not to subscribe to our Essential or Professional plan at the end of your free trial, no pressure at all! Your account will remain active with the Free plan. You will still have access to all of our amazing features with certain limitations. Please see details here.

  • How does SellerMotor protect my listing from hijackers?

    SellerMotor's Hijacker Alert feature monitors ASINs of your choice. When it detects unauthorized sellers on your listing, it alerts you via email.

    How does SellerMotor help me find potentially successful products to sell on Amazon?

    SellerMotor Product Analytics is an hourly refreshed database with over 500M active product data and 30B keyword data. You can filter these data with criteria such as sub-category, profit margin, recent rank change, recent sales volume and review ratio to identify trending product opportunities that suits your business. For more details refer to this link for a step by step video walk through.

    Can I save my searches and research results?

    Reports created in SellerMotor Market Research is automatically saved. You can revisit them in the "History" section underneath the search bar. SellerMotor Product Analytics doesn't save a history record, but you can download the dataset everytime you find something interesting.

    Can I export data and reports from SellerMotor?

    Yes! All Product Analytics results and certain lists in Market Research reports are downloadable. For each downloadable dataset and report, you will see an "Export" button to the upper-right corner.

    Some of the column names are confusing. What do they mean?

    For each filter and column name, there's an explanation to its meaning and sometimes there's a formula for how it's calculated. To read these explanations, simply hover your mouse over the question mark next to the filter or column name. For more details, visit our demo page.

    What is SellerMotor's data source��

    For Product Analytics and Market Research, SellerMotor gathers data through consistently monitoring active products on Amazon. For A.I. Account Manager, SellerMotor access data from your seller/vendor account through Amazon's API only to analyze and optimize your ad campaigns and listings.

    Why doesn't SellerMotor data always match with real life numbers?

    SellerMotor gathers data through consistently monitoring active products on Amazon and creates a sophisticated estimation model for observable data such as sales volume, review ratio, etc. Our estimation model is accurate in most cases, however it can be less accurate under less than 1% of circumstances. This can be because of 2 reasons: 1. Your product is in a very niche market where there's not enough data for our model to work with, and 2. Amazon deliberately hides BSR data for certain verticals. At SellerMotor, we are working on improving our model every day. If you ever experience such unfortunate situation where our data is significantly off, we would appreciate it if you could help us improve our algorithm by sending us your real life numbers through this contact form.

    How does SellerMotor's SmartPPC help my with Sponsored Products?

    SellerMotor's SmartPPC is a fully automated software that manages your Amazon advertising from A-Z. Its features include the followings: 1.product and competitive research 2.long term advertising strategy 3.campaign structure creation 4.initial keyword sorting and ongoing keyword optimization on a daily basis 5.bidding optimization up to every hour 6.optimize and balance your overall budget for each campaign on a daily basis 7.performance reporting and visualization

    Is there any ore-requisites or limitations to use SmartPPC effectively?

    Yes, of course. SellerMotor's SmartPPC helps you fully automate Amazon advertising, but advertising is only part of your Amazon business. To make your business work as a whole, we need to work together on 3 major topics: 1.Product, product, product. Advertising doesn't make a bad listing into a good one like magic. In fact, if you have an underprepared product listing, advertising can only hurt you. Make sure you have a solid product, have the product images professionally taken, and acquire at least 5-10 good reviews before you hit the gas on advertising. Learn how SellerMotor can help you pick a solid product here. 2.Have the right expectation. Gatherer usually 3 stages in the growth path of an Amazon product listing. Preparation phase, where you get your listings optimized; growth phase, where we help you leverage Amazon's new listing traffic bonus and grow in sales volume rapidly but at a higher advertising cost; and profit phase, where we focus on lowering advertising cost. Depending on what your product is, each phase can take 1-6 months. Selling on Amazon is a long-term project, and even SellerMotor most likely can't help you achieve all your goals within a couple of weeks. 3.Working together. As mentioned, advertising is only part of your Amazon business. Throughout the process, there are a ton of critical work for you to do: Restocking, review management, case management...only to name a few. These are the foundation of your business, and if these work are left without keen attention, advertising ROI can be hurt significantly.

    Do I need to run ad campaigns myself when I'm using SellerMotor's SmartPPC?

    No, and that's the beauty of it. SellerMotor's SmartPPC is a fully automated software that manages your Amazon advertising from A-Z. All you need to do is simply pick your product, set your budget, answer 2 simple questions, and relax while SellerMotor brings rapid growth to your Amazon business.

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